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A Bigger Fish by Disgaea4everdood
A Bigger Fish
What happens when the resident catboy meets a bigger predator?
Youkai Playdate by Disgaea4everdood
Youkai Playdate
Parallel parents meet each other for some tea and sweets.

Iwako Tezuka and (my interpretation) her daughter (c) :icontobiobito4ever:
Fuuka and Miyuki (c) Me
Daifuku on a plate (c) :icongrayfox5000:
[Custom Walfas] - Napstablook by Disgaea4everdood
[Custom Walfas] - Napstablook

The spooky DJ haunts on Walfas. Who knows? It might show you their 'Dapper blook' trick.

Undertale (c) Toby Fox
Disgaea4everdood here, and I thought I might try something different for Disgaea Month. Since Disgaea Month is almost over, I am making a list of the top 10 classes of the Disgaea series. Keep in mind that I don't have Disgaea 5; so no classes of that game. And with that, let's get this show on the road!

10.) (Geomancers)
Yeah, they're pretty average in terms of stats. But in the Item World, that's where they shine. Exclusive to them are geo-related skills such as Geo Change, that will change once per floor. Hate the Silence Geo Effect? Geo Change! Hate the Mighty Enemy Geo Effect? Geo Change! The geomancers are your go-to guy for tackling Item World.

9.) (Warrior)
The all-around class for newbies who recently bought Disgaea. They're great for earlier chapters, but then they'll quickly fall behind in favor of more better classes later on. Their Evilities are mediocre in my opinion; but in DD2, their newest Evility Fortitude allows them to survive a one-shot kill. In all consolation, they're your go-to axe guy for whittling down enemy defenses.

8.) (Archer)
The ever popular flat-chested idols with the drill locks in the series. With an S rank in bows, they have an excellent range for attacking afar. That being said, the archers really prefer to stay behind due to their okay-ish defense and speed. However, ATK and HIT is where they shine; so equip them with belts and glasses to utilize their potential.

7.)  (Gunner)
Look alive, pardner, these cowboys has got you in their sights. Specializing in (obviously) guns--with a rank S in weapon mastery--the gunners hang back with the archers and snipe from afar. However, their attack strength is subpar at most alone. But their true ability shine when their part of a combo--as in, hitting the single enemy--as their attack increase when they're a follow-up. You want to take down a armored knight with stupidly high HP? The gunners are there to fight alongside you, amigo.

6.) (Android)
Technically they're cyborgs, if you go by their intro. They're basically Majins with a different skin. Same high base stats, same terrible everything else. But, in terms of aesthetics, I love their design. Like the Majins, you need to clear Disgaea 4 to unlock them. You want to master their class? I suggest stacking them with Statisticians due to their VERY slow leveling process, or reincarnate your other class to them in order to keep their skills to the androids. Follow the steps and you got yourself a powerhouse.

5.) (Kunoichi)
These silent beauties are known for their high evasive speed like their male counterparts. Average in terms of weapon mastery--most likely swords and fists--but in Disgaea 2, they have the exclusive ability to inflict status ailments to their targets; most of them have AoE. Disgaea 3 and onwards, unfortunately, took away those abilities and made them lose their unique traits apart from the male ninjas. You can give them status ailment spells; but honestly, they just don't have that ninjutsu flair their D2 skills give out...

4.) (Thieves)
Mediocre at worst. However, their only saving grace is their high stealing probability and the ability to steal stats. You want Yoshitsuna? Train your thief up to yank that sword off of enemy hands!

3.) (Armor Knights)
Built to last, these stone walls can withstand everything; ranging from sword slash, lightning bolts, and even an EARTH SHATTERING EXPLOSION OR EVEN THE ENTIRE FRICKIN' GALAXY! In a trade-off for their terrible movement SPD, they're excellent at throwing allies to the distance with a whopping range of 6. These are the class I highly recommend as meat shields for if you want to get away from dangerous attacks.

2.) (Masked Hero)
He's quick! He's nimble! We don't know who the hell he is! But what we do know is that this hero is an excellent Item World runner for speed runners who are powerless against those super strong Item World resident! His defenses are okay-to-mediocre, but his SPD stats are rivaled to the Ninja's; making him dodge almost every attack thrown at him. He's faster than a speeding bullet, and he's running towards the other direction.
-Honorable Mentions-

1.) (Professor)
Did I tell you that I LOVE this class? I fell in love right when I first saw her in Prinny 2 PSP. Now she makes her first proper appearance in Disgaea 4 with an updated look. While replacing the Cheerleader class from Disgaea 3, she provides excellent support with spells that ups your movement range, increasing counters, and much more. She also has an Evility that increases EXP by 20%; and it's stackable with other Professor units with the same Evility. The Professor is an excellent support unit for power leveling.

Annnd that's my list. Might do it again with the best monster class; maybe, maybe not. until then, stay fresh and Happy Halloween, ghouls and ghosts!

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